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NCHS 2016 is the largest, canine health event in North America. Tune in live, from your phone, tablet or computer and join the hundreds of other concerned pet owners just like you. This October was the 3rd Annual NCHS and it was a success. If you missed out, check back for next year's details!




What our past attendees are saying ... 

Karen Taylor

Thank you so much for doing this for our dogs and us. We promise to share more with others so we can have healthier dogs. Some of us have dogs that haven't had a life of what we are finding wasn't the best care. It was what we thought was the best and we have learned. Thank you for helping my guy to live a much longer healthier life. I want him around many many more years. Not just the average. We must be above average or heck I will take the longest living ever!

Joyce Salazar

I love your closing statements! Also, I just wanted to say one thing. Finding Dogs Naturally Magazine has been one of the very best thing I have ever done!

Judy Sybert

Heck - I needed a margarita just to clear my head! Whew! What a wonderful information load this symposium was!

Darci Michaels

Cheers for another AMAZING workshop weekend of incredible learning and resources. This is how change happens!!

Will Rutar

What great Thursday sessions! After feeding raw and minimal if any vaccinations for over 10 years, the words spoken were so close to my heart and exactly what I needed to here.

Hanna Suska

You all did a terrific job putting the conference together. I am so glad to be a part of this group. Strength in numbers. Enjoy your evening you deserve it!!!